Friday, December 3, 2010

1st Weight Watcher meeting and a brand new treadmill...

Life doesn't get any better, right? We've been waiting on this damn treadmill for weeks now, SO excited to have it finally here and put together. My poor G/F worked on that thing for about 4 hours. It's got it all...have I been on it yet? Nope and I'm mad. She didn't get it finished till late last night and I was asleep. Work day starts at 5:3o AM for this girl, so bedtime comes early. Today we leave at 1PM for our mini weekender trip in the the treadmill will have to wait till Sunday.

Now, about last night. I decided at the last minute to NOT do the online version, but to actually GO to the live meetings. I did this because I feel I will NEED the accountability and the support. I was a bit taken back, new girl and all. I figured most of the ladies would be older and I'd say it was half and half. I WAS surprised to see 2 men there with their wives, very impressed they were doing it together. Seems like a good group of folks. Very friendly and talkative. I didn't realize WW has completely revamped their entire point system, this works in my favor since I'm new, I don't have to UNlearn everything. I bought the Deluxe set, that has a TON of information and the points calculator. I feel armed with some great information and all the tools I'll need. Now it's up to ME to work the program. Already I can see I have to start using Sugar Free creamer, mine is WAYYYY too many points. It's wayyyy too many because I POUR it in my coffee. Probably will have to really SEE what a few tablespoons really and truly is! The bottom line is this: I HAVE to account for EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. Perfect timing, we're heading on a trip today. That means eating out on the road, drinks and nice restaurants. I've already decided to get my salad at Subway, seems they are the LOWEST in points and I really enjoy them. Water, no diet soda, wayyyy too much sodium. I so much as LOOK at the stuff and my ankles swell!!! I'll take it one meal at time, one CHOICE at a time.

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