Friday, December 10, 2010

Drum roll pullleeezzee!!!

First weigh in.....FOUR POUNDS! I was VERY happy, though I secretly hoped for 5 lbs, I'll take the 4, I earned them! Considering we had a weekend trip with lots of drinking and eating out, I'm VERY happy with my results!

As I sat in the meeting I couldn't stop smiling, I was SO damn proud of my accomplishment. As happy as I was, there SHE was...Nelly Negative. I'm guessing she's about 60ish and full of negativity. The poor leader, bless your heart Gayle, kept trying to turn Nelly's comments into something positive. She complained about the new points, how we've been "Duped" into thinking we have more, but really, NOTHING has changed. She was SO wrong. The proof was in our collective weight loss. Out of 17 people, we lost 60 pounds last week. HELLO???? The NEW program works! The old program, folks were consuming WAYYYYYY tooooo many carbs. With the new points values, we have to be mindful of the carbs we consume. I also noticed, the new program rewards you for cooking from scratch rather than eating out of a box. Those prepackaged foods are full of chemicals. Eating clean is the way to go. Nelly obviously likes to eat from a box. Looking back, so did I. I loved all those comfort foods, and cheesy dips and yummy sauces. I liked fast food and junk food. Nelly does too. The only difference is I chose to stay away from them this week and I lost 4lbs while Nelly lost nothing. My attitude is different than Nelly's. I WANT to succeed. I SEE myself thinner and active. Nelly doesn't, not yet. There is still hope for her, as there is for all of us.

My other observation was more internal. In past times, attempting to loose weight, I wanted to be the STAR! I wanted to be the best at it and win the prize. It didn't matter if it was a gold star, or a gift certificate, I wanted it. Last night, several people were mentioned for their weight loss victories. I overheard a gal behind me saying she was hopeful SHE would will THE award for most weight loss this week..and I thought about that. For the first time in...forever, that didn't mean anything to me. I don't want to awards, the recognition...I simply want to reach my goal. However long it takes, no matter how many people get there before me, I KNOW I will reach my goal. I remember thinking to myself, "Steady as she goes, slowly I'll get there." My whole attitude about this has changed. I'm ready to embark on the journey, knowing FULL well, it wont' be tomorrow. I know when I get there, I won't be like some chicks who can wear a bikini ( you GO Bitchcakes!!!) I have done wayyy tooo much damage to my body for that. Nope, I'll get to my goal and look FREAKING amazing in clothes and decent in a bathing suite. That is my realistic goal. I don't expect to look like a Victoria Secrets model, it's just not in my DNA. I come from a long line of gals with curves and BIG lungs;) That being said, I'm in the water now, my feet are wet and I'm NOT afraid of the deep end. Pound by pound I'll work my way over to the deep end and one day, I'll dive in fully enjoying it all. For now, my feet are wet.

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