Monday, December 13, 2010

Big week ahead...lots of tests

Usually, this time of year I get excited. Office parties and tons of goodies to eat. This year, I'm focused on making the RIGHT choices and the BEST choices for my weight loss. However, this week, I have not one, but TWO office parties and I'm scared shitless. I know if I keep track of what goes IN my mouth and I keep track of my points I can do this. Soooo, tomorrow we have our department breakfast. I know if I can manage to stay the hell away from the AMAZING sausage gravy that I would normally POUR over my food I'll be okay. I know the best choices would be the eggs, some sausage or bacon and FRUIT! NO breads and sweets and holy hell, NO gravy. It's one thing to put it on your plate and say, WELL done, I did it. It's another to go back to the table and see all your friends slurping their gravy biscuits around and chowing down on hash browns. I'm just not that strong to have a taste. A taste is how it all started to being with! If this isn't enough, Thursday, which happens to be my WEIGH IN day, is our office pot luck. This is where my office friends and their spouses all get together. There will be everything from Ham to Pumpkin Pie up in here. My plan is to fill up on proteins and veggies, then go back to my cubical area and STAY there. Last year I had so many people eating with me, there was no way to get out. Unless I decide to jump over the desks and plow my way down the hall knocking over supervisors and small children I think I'll be safe in the corner. I have to STAY focused this week and do the work. It's doable, I know it is. Small steps become huge victories.

Speaking of which, yesterday I got on the treadmill like usual. I decided to hit CALORIE for my workout, instead of just doing my 12-15 minute walk. WOW! I did 20 minutes and burned 99 calories. Every few minutes the machine would speed up and I would literally be running for my life!! I'm sure if anyone saw me I looked like I was running from the law!! But guess what? I burned SO many more calories than just walking it at a somewhat fast pace. Again, small steps, become big victories!

I've got 4 big days ahead of me, 2 parties and a weigh in. Thursday the numbers won't lie and I know that. There is no manipulating it, no talking my way out of it. The nice lady at the meeting will kindly say, "Step on the scale please" and that will be that.

One bite at a time, one decision at a time...

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