Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend trip and I LOST weight!

So Weight Watchers DOES work?!! My partner & I joined my parents for a weekend trip to the NC mountains. We visited with Biltmore estate. I was armed with my points calculator and my daily tracker. How did it turn out, 2 lbs lighter, how's that?! I'm very encouraged. It was ALL about decisions and choices. Nothing was an accident. I had to make choices the entire trip. Instead of stopping off at McDonald's, I opted for a salad at Subway. I made great choices like that the whole weekend. In the car, when I got hungry, instead of grabbing a bag of chips and a Diet Coke, instead, I grabbed popcorn, lightly salted and water. Yup, and it satisfied my hunger and I didn't go over in points. I had ONE beer the entire trip, as opposed to 7-8 but I DID have a few glasses of wine. Choices. When we stopped for lunch on property and everyone was having pizza and such, I opted for Onion Soup and a SMALL salad, just a lettuce wedge, Parmesan cheese shavings and some sun dried tomato's. Again, CHOICES. It felt great, I totally felt in control of what I was eating, instead of my usual trips, where I felt CONTROLLED by food. I'm hopeful this week's weigh in will a good one! Oh yeah, and after a 4 hour car ride, and unpacking clothes and doing 2 hours of school work, I jumped on our NEW treadmill!!! What's the word? CHOICES!

I feel good. I know there will be weeks that I won't loose much but this is the beginning of the journey, so for now, I'm flying high....

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