Sunday, February 27, 2011

You take the good you take the bad...

Last week was a GOOOOOOD weight loss week,the previous was a not so good week. I'm learning to go with the flow here. I'm so close to reaching my 10% goal. I get my key chain and first charm then. It's funny how a trinket can really motivate you, but I WANT that key chain, bad. It's a symbol of determination and more importantly, a reminder to me, that I set a goal, didn't quit, but rather, I ACCOMPLISHED it! Remember, I used to be a quitter.

So, during my great week, my partner bought me a bike I've been wanting for years. I got a PINK CADILLAC bike. Very retro, very 50's and I LOVE it. It has no speeds, all powered by ME. This means even more exercise. Let me tell you, when I took her for a spin, my legs felt like jello when I got off that bike. I hurt the next day as well. I forgot how much FUN riding a bike is, but I also forgot how much WORK goes into it as well. My online inspiration Sheryl has inspired me to ride a bike again, so thanks "Bitchcakes!"

I'm less than 85 days till my daughter's wedding now. So I am really feeling crunch time here. I've upped my veggie intake, decreased my carbs a bit, starting eating oatmeal for breakfast again, only this time, REAL oatmeal, not the pre-packed kind. All this and the results were a great weight loss, 3.2 lbs. Last night was a girls night out, LOTS of drinking and I ate half a burger, a BIG needless to say, today will be an ALL veggie day, to get me back on track. My goal was to be a certain weight by the 28th, I am DETERMINED to be there. It's a great starting number for March. In a perfect world, I'm hoping to loose 10 lbs in March AND in April, and hopefully 8 in May by the wedding. That is a BIG order and will require lots of determination and hard work. IF I don't meet those goals, but still do the work, then I will accept it and whatever weight I am the day of the wedding, will be a BIG improvement from where I started.

February has been an excellent month, much personal growth and for that I am very grateful. I'm looking forward to the challenges in bite at a time, one decision at a time!


  1. Keep up the good work, you can eat what you want in moferation, keep it up girlfriend...

  2. Drop the bread and drop the weight. Instant results guaranteed!!! Then eat all the bread you want at the wedding as your reward! You can do it girl!

  3. Thanks ladies. I do eat in moderation now...but cutting down on the breads has been a great weight loss boost.

  4. Hey! It's Jaynie! Good job! I am proud of you!