Monday, March 7, 2011

Detox was a bust but the 5K was awesome!

Okay, so I said I was going to be honest, no fibbing. The detox was a bust. Good intentions, just not in the zone for that right now. I tend to do better when Abby is gone in the summer. Nothing in the house that tempts me. I had a good week this time, no big weight loss, but I'm on the course.

I did my 3rd 5K and I felt the BEST I have after a race so far. We actually headed to the mall after the walk. The previous race, I was wiped out after. I can honestly say, I felt good, really good after this one. Abby however informed me, this would be her last walk with me. I was bummed, she's been my little cheerleader, but I kinda knew this was coming. She is a teenager and her Saturdays are meant to be spent sleeping in till noon ;)

For now, things are really starting to seem like a real "Lifestyle" as opposed to a diet. I've been eating the same way now for going on 4 month, and it really DOES become a habit. I don't think twice about what I eat for breakfat, lunch and dinner now. I pretty much eat the same types of foods. The only real PROBLEM time for me, is the weekends. Somehow,being at the office makes me acountable. Being at home, and going out to places is harder for me. I INTEND to eat good and make good choices, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. I have only had a few weekends since I started WW's where I did NOT gain anything. My goal is to have more of those, not fewer. I find that if I preplan where we will go and what I can eat, I do better. I try to avoid Mexican places, as the temptation is just too much right now. I would use ALL my exra points right there.

So, it was a good week. My gown for my daughter's wedding came in and I only had to have ONE thing altered, my arms. Go figure, they're the size of a football players arms, so no shock at all. Iwas just glad it went on and zipped up. Snug, yes, but it looks GREAT. This meant I could breath and not panic. Anything I loose now, is a win win for me. I was terrified the dress wouldn't fit at all and I'd be tempted to starve myself...and we all know, that is just temporary and not healthy at all. I am eating SO healthy now, making the best choices in probably my adult life. I read every label, I choose veggies over chips, I'm taking my vitamins and I'm MOVING again.

What does this all mean? After 3 months, I can say, SLOW is better. I am slowly loosing but KEEPING it off and continuing to loose as I go. I said from the start this isn't a race. I already KNOW this is NOT the year I reach my WW goal. This IS the year I make a huge dent in my body!

Steady as I bite at a time, one descision at a time!

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