Monday, March 21, 2011

It's been a S L O W month


Just like I said weeks earlier, some weeks are HIGH weight loss weeks, others are not. March has been pretty slow for me. Time to bump it up. I found the P90X on Ebay for a STEAL so I ordered it. I've seen the infomercials for a few years now and I had read many reviews. This is a tremendous workout system and all 3 of us can benefit from it. Perfect timing, Christy is working a later shift, meaning I'll have the evenings to myself. I can come home from work, do the workout and then dinner and spend some time with Abby.

Tonight will be my FIRST workout on the plan and I'm as excited as I am terrified!! I KNOW my body is going to be SOOOOORRRRRREEEE for a good while, as in 90 days!! I've decided to go home, put on the bathing suit, have my picture taken and then take ALL my measurements. I am NOT excited about this part, but to monitor my progress, it's gotta be done. That being said, the picture will remain hidden in my computer, the world just isn't ready for that..hell, I'M not ready for that!!

So, new workouts ahead, staying the course with my WW's and as always, one day and a time. I have seen small changes in my mindset. We went to dinner at Red Lobster this weekend. I haven't been there in years. You'd have thought I was going to eat my weight in seafood...but I didn't. I actually ate MAYBE half the food on my plate and when I was...wait for it, SATISFIED I boxed the rest up. We both did this and commented how GREAT it felt to leave a restaurant NOT feeling stuffed. Small victory. Speaking of my Honey...she has managed to loose 20lbs! I am sure it's the way I've been eating that is helping her along. She's on the treadmill more,but her portions have really gotten smaller and we no longer have crap in our house. We laughed last night, because we ALL had a sweet craving and there wasn't one single sweet in the house!! We bought ONE item, shared it and that totally satisfied our craving. I'd rather do that, then buy a bunch of crap and have it in our cupboards. Again, small victory in how our minds are transforming.

This weekend the weather was GORGEOUS, so I dug out my spring clothes. I put on a pair of Capri's I wore during our honeymoon trip to Disney World. I was SHOCKED how big they are on me compared to how TIGHT they were when I wore them 5 months ago. That was a great feeling. I can't wait till I'm able to do more "Shopping" in my closet!

Till next time, we keep trucking along, one decision at a time, one bite at a time.

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