Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slowing down, so time to bump it up!

Yup, things are starting to slow down now. This is my 3rd month and the weeks of 3-4 pound weight losses are going to be fewer now. I knew this would happen, and I tried to prepare myself emotionally for this, but in the end, it sucks.
I was really enjoying the ride while it lasted, but now comes the really hard stuff. I set a goal for myself for my daughter's wedding. That wedding is 100 days away now. That is nothing, and I know it will FLYYYYYY right on by. I can't stall, or waste a day. I have to make each day count. The hard part is KEEPING the momentum up. Everyone has a weak moment and I am no different. My weak moments really haven't been in the form of eating badly, but FORCING myself to work out longer. I've been doing the minimum and I need to pump it up. We have our next 5K this Sunday and I'm SOOO excited to see if I can have a faster time this round. I want to get the Run/Walk down by 5 minutes. I'm hopeful, so Sunday we'll see. I'm also hopeful the weather starts getting warmer so I can get OUTSIDE and walk. I love the treadmill but miss the sun.

As for my eating, I've been skipping breakfast, so that I can have more creamer in my coffee, yes the secret is out, it's the damn creamer I didn't want to give up. But I think my friend Sandy nailed it on the head. She challenged me to start eating breakfast again and YUP, "Things" started moving on outta me and my metabolism started working better. I've also been adding Flax Seed to my oatmeal in the mornings. I really DO see the difference. What Ive noticed is, I do GREAT during the week, but it seems SOMETHING always comes up on the weekends, and I'll put on 2 lbs.That something could be eating out, or having a few beers. It then takes me till Wed to get THAT off and I'm back to square one. Hence the 1.8 weight loss the past few weeks. I KNOW if I were staying on point on the weekends, I would be loosing that 2-2.5 per week again. It's just making it through the weekends.
As my sister keeps reminding, this is a lifelong JOURNEY, not a trip. A trip means we arrive and then leave again. This is a journey and it's forever. My entire adulthood has been about food addiction and me deciding to overcome that won't happen overnight. It will be a lifetime of lessons and "Aha" moments along the way. This week I realized a few things. I NEED to eat breakfast and back off my coffee. I NEED to find a LOW point creamer that tastes good. I NEED to stay on point during the weekends and I NEED to pump up my workouts. That being said, the treadmill calls me right now. I promise to post pictures of my next 5K and the time results. And, I'll keep doing all of this, one bite at a time, one decision at a time.


  1. Hey girl do this, how many points is the creamer? How long will you have to do on the tread mill to get those points back in activity points? Well then there you have it. If you have to go another 15 minutes to get those 3 points then do it. Remember its giving something to get something... when you think of getting off call Abby in the room and ask her to tell you about her day and you continue to walk while she does this or call someone and put them on speaker and talk to them for the next 15 minutes.... you can do it, give up the weekend splurges, they will kill you. Eat the salad, chicken, turkey and remember beer isn't any good for you so quit drinking it. EMPTY calories in drinks just aren't worth it, YOU know that, so quit trying to cheat yourself!!! Love ya,

  2. Yup your right again. I just looked online for a LOW cal healthier creamer and found it! SILK makes a NO point creamer...yes, NO points! OMG 1 carb and 1 fat, 0 protein and 0 fiber=0 points!! I'll go look after work to see if Food Lion carries it. Thanks and your right, I KNEW they were empty, it was time I moved on. I've come far from my Dunkin Donuts days..NO more of those, but time to move away from the creamer too.