Friday, January 28, 2011

My first ZERO weight loss week...

And let me tell ya, it just plain sucks. I can't blame anyone so I must take responsibility for my actions. I was sick for a few days and ate like crap. I started to feel better and ate worse. We went to our friends house and I drank too many lite beers and ate TOO much food. Ironically, my friends both do WW's like myself, but I was so excited about the 1 point foods they were offering, I ate a TON of them...that along with the beer, not so good. I hopped right back on the treadmill and have been eating on POINT again, but that just evened out what I probably gained. In the end, weigh in= ZERO weight loss:(

What have I learned from last week? Quite a bit actually. While sick at home, I was face to face with the kitchen and NO accountability. Just me and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Those bitches eat out ALL the time...but I did notice they pick at their food and eat small portions. So yeah, I really do best when I'm on my routine. I have that accountability at work, because EVERYONE knows I'm doing WW's. At home, my partner & daughter are always there, so I do well then. However, when I'm alone and it's me and the kitchen, the kitchen still tends to win. Eating out is hard for me too. The temptations are huge. I seem to do better when we choose a place that I KNOW has a great salad and I KNOW how many points it is. It's when we choose Mexican that I fall to pieces. It's hard for me, and these are areas in my life I'm going to have to work through. I remember reading something from Sheryl, the woman online that I follow. She said she asked herself, these THINGS that I do that I KNOW are bad, they are the ONLY things that keep me from achieving my goal. Those THINGS are what is holding me back and yet, I HOLD onto them? It's the self destructive behavior that only I can break. That is why they call this a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not a diet.

So here I am, back on track, feeling good and ready to move forward and not focus on last week. Last week was a lesson learned. I basically threw away the opportunity to loose 2 more pounds. I have to stay on my schedule to achieve MY goal and to do this, I can't afford another week of NO weight loss. Focus Chris, focus. See the big picture, know that my daughter's wedding is just 111 days away, and time is a gift.

I AM however, very excited about my FIRST Run/Walk event tomorrow. My daughter and I are walking it!!! We're doing the ALL STAR 5K event in Raleigh at 9am. WAYYY excited about this. I promised myself last year to do ONE event a month and I never did it. THIS year WILLLLLL be different. I'll let you know how we do in next weeks' blog. For now, I am taking this, one bite at a time, one decision at a time.


  1. After you are done have a GOOD snack with you to eat as a reward not Chili's!!
    I have gone 3 weeks at the same weight. It does suck, but if you stay on line it will come off. You only are cheating yourself. If I go somewhere I take a weight watchers snack with me instead of falling into the crap trap.

  2. No self punishment! This week is mere motivation for the next!

  3. Thanks Jen, your right. We all have a week like that, moving forward is the BEST plan!