Monday, January 10, 2011

Little did I know..

Last week, I was feeling kinda, well, so-so. That was BEFORE I weighed in. Ahhh, 2.2 lbs folks!! I almost couldn't stand still I was so excited! Soooo, in a way, my goal of loosing 20lbs by the end of the year, almost DID happen. I have been keeping 2 running tabs of weight loss. The amount I lost before WW and of course my WW numbers. It's too confusing to everyone, so from here on out, I'm just mentioning my WW results. That being said, I lost 9lbs in Dec. Remember the goal of TWO pounds per week? I rocked that out AND it was the holidays!! Again, I could barely sit through the meeting!

I have to say, that really motivated me for this week. I am ONLY looking at my current week. Anything else and I feel the pressure of time constraints. So, THIS week my goal is another 2lbs. I'm finding that planning my whole days worth of food is best for me. I track my points online and create dinner recipes too. Tonight, Chris's Stroganoff, WW style. Just 9 points. For me, I need to know where my guidelines are and if I start the day off KNOWING how many points it will all be, I find I don't eat stuff I don't need. I know we have those 49 extra points, but I prefer to save them for the weekends. This weekend we're shopping for my daughter's wedding gown and her bridesmaids dresses! That means, eating lunch out with the girls and probably a drink. I need to save those precious 49 points!

I've noticed, the more on point I am, the more I WANT to get on the treadmill and rock that out! I keep forgetting to post my mini collage of MOTIVATIONAL pictures. I keep it directly in front of me while I walk. The more I want to quit I look at the pictures and remember, I DO have a wedding coming up and I AM going to Vegas! I refuse to go to those events at my current weight. With each pound I loose, I tell myself, "Goodbye, I'll NEVER see you again!" It helps, to know this IS a lifestyle change. The old Chris is gone, really gone. I have more energy and I just generally feel better. I've only lost enough to put a small dent in me, but I have to say, I FEEL better and my attitude is charged up. It's also contagious. My partner just texted me her results on the treadmill. We're doing this together and it's awesome!

Thursday is my weigh in and I'm excited to see what I do this week. Key, just THIS week. Focus on the here and now. NOW is my time, today, here and now...I can feel it, one bite at a time, one decision at a time!


  1. Thanks Gayle, I feel SO good right now!

  2. Appreciate the support Sandy, your the best!

  3. 2 lbs a week, its easy and simple, just stay with it forever!!! :))))

  4. Sandy's sister here...I did (and still do) WW for about 18 months and lost the 22 pounds I needed to get rid of. It's just THE best program and if you follow it, you can't fail. You're living proof!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks, is this Chris or Jaye? I appreciate the encouragement!