Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How can January be almost over?

Time, she sure is FLYING by...and I am desperate to beat the clock. Last weigh in, I lost 1.8lbs. To date, I've lost 23lbs, but according to WW's, just 13lbs. I've been keeping 2 separate tabs on my weight loss and as I've mentioned before, it is confusing, so I'm just going to post my WW totals.

I have had a great week with some minor victories. I tried on the cocktail dress I wore to my ceremony, back in Oct. WOW, what a difference. I've since been able to wear a pair of jeans I couldn't even get over my hips and I'm wearing a few blouses I forgot about. Slowly, things are are fitting better. It's nice to be able to go "Shopping" in my closet!

I need to get in the habit of taking a full body picture every 10lbs, so I can track my weight loss through pictures, as we know, those NEVER lie. People ask me all the time, where is your BEFORE pictures?? Ahhh, every single one of my wedding pictures, we my before. I cringe when I look at them.

I mentioned in a previous blog, that I have put up a collage of pictures with my head on some dresses and outfits, it sits right above the treadmill. I have to look right at it, it's my target, my goal. I need that, I have surrounded myself with pictures of my thinner body, all over my workstation. I also think I have found the gown I'll wear to my daughter's wedding. Again, it is also sitting right in front of me at work, ALL day long I see it. I am very aware of the fact that I have NO time to spare. I can't afford a "Few bad days". I have to make EVERY day count, as I've wasted too many days, too many years already. NOW is my time.

Tomorrow I weigh in and I am confident I will have made my goal of another 2lbs. If I can do that, I will be a few dress sizes smaller for the wedding and I'll be just 5ish lbs away from my thinnest since the LAST time I lost weight...for our VEGAS trip. I have so much coming up, so many amazing events that I want to look and FEEL great for.
I remember feeling horrible about myself at my son's wedding. I didn't want to get up and dance because of how huge I was. I didn't like my gown, but it was all I could find in my size...I refuse to repeat that again. I am in the zone...anyone who has ever lost weight knows what "The Zone" is. It's an amazing place where nobody or nothing can defeat you. Your so focused on your goal that you are able to SEE the final goal. I'm there. I know I will have weeks where I will work my ass off and loose nothing. I am aware that plateaus are very real. I'm just not there right now, so for now, today, I will enjoy this moment.

If you are doing Weight Watchers, then you must know how EASY this is? I mean,they've done all the work for you, all we have to do is eat the right foods and move. It's science. Less food in+ eating healthier choices + exercise= LOOSING WEIGHT

January has been an awesome month. I've found some great snacks. One of my favorites to munch on at work, is ANN'S HOUSE, SOY ENERGY BLEND. I found it at Costco. Just 4pts for 1/4 cup. It has soy nuts, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and almonds. GREAT energy booster, and it's crunchy so I LOVE that part. Very satisfying. I also found out from my WW buddy Ryan, that MGD64 is just 2 pts. WOW, I thought I was having to give up my beer or waste my extra points on that. Nope, there IS a low calorie beer. The taste is NOT like my beloved Blue Moon or the ever fantastic CORONA...but well, as with this whole journey, it's about choices.

I have also found I'm cooking more at home now. We look online for great WW recipes and we modify the old ones. I LOVE Beef Stroganoff and found a great one online. Again, all about choices. The days of opening a can and adding meat, or opening a box and adding water are gone. I make almost my entire meals now from scratch. We just feel more satisfied after. Amazing how that works.

Soooo, looking back, I've made it through the holidays, with NO weight gain, rather, a significant weight LOSS. I'm excited about what the next 12 days will hold. I would like to loose 4 more pounds this month, and I feel I can do bite at a time, one decision at a time!


  1. Good job, honey! Just started following you!

    Jen & Linda

  2. Thanks Ladies, good to see you Jen!