Saturday, November 27, 2010

My first holiday where I didn't go crazy!

This Thanksgiving I did NOT go crazy, I repeat, I did NOT go crazy. Most holidays gone by, I have gained an average of 4-6 pounds for each one. This would mean I would get very depressed after. It would take about 2 weeks to loose the extra I gained and then I'd give up. The cycle would just continue. THIS Thanksgiving, we went to my parents home. This means I would have NO leftovers, which is good, cuz this girl likes to graze. Also, my dad is not a big fan of comfort foods. No casseroles, cheesy dips, nothing like that. He also makes smaller portions and that is key. That being said, we ate dinner on the road to their home, as it's a 3 hour drive. I had a few beers when I got there. We ate a big breakfast the next day, something I haven't been doing. I've been faithfully eating my oatmeal. For dinner, Dad really outdid himself. At first glance I panicked. I thought, there isn't enough side dishes. I was wrong, there were SEVERAL side dishes, just not the crazy portions I cook for my brewd. That was a big shock to me. I had to really think about WHY was I cooking sooooo much food, for the same amount of people Dad cooked for? No family of 6 needs 5 pounds of potatoes cooked for mashed potatoes. Too much. A nice serving size was perfect. I had a small serving of EVERYTHING on the table, minus the ham. I knew I couldn't eat that too. For the first Thanksgiving in 7 years, I did NOT walk away from the table stuffed and miserable. I was full, not stuffed. Big difference. We drove home after dinner, and I admit, I was scared to get on the scale the next day. Black Friday, what would it bring? I gained ONE pound. What?? That's it???? NOOOOO WAYYYYY!!! I was SO happy. I knew I ate more than I have been, but it wasn't nearly as much as years in the past. This means I AM in the zone. I AM mindful of what is going in. I AM becoming more responsible for what goes in MY mouth. Sooo, that pound? I lost it the very next day. Yup, I got up this morning, go on the scale and GONE, that ole pound is history! Yesterday I got right back on track. No alcohol, no deserts just eating the calories I can manage. I'm very excited. I feel this time around the "Beast" didn't win, I did. Am I nervous about my next test? You bet I am. This Friday & Saturday we're going with Dad & his wife to the Biltmore for the weekend. That means eating on the road, eating out while we're there and drinks. I have to make decisions that will affect me. It will be a test. For now, I take today on, I worry about today only. I'm almost down 10 pounds this month. My goal is 15, I have 2 weeks left. I want to see it OFF me, and then I'm closer to finding me. Somewhere under all this, is Chris.